Wine Food and Blues 2010


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What a Blast! On August 19th, 2010 we held our “Wine, Food and Blues” event at Winterhawk Winery and had a great turnout once again! We sure had a packed house for this event but what a terric time for everyone. There was plenty of great music from “Low Down Dirty Dogs”, food catered by Gigi’s “Dish It Up! Catering”. Of course, there was terrific wine to enjoy in a wonderful setting. This event was a great way for us to socialize with our clients and meet their friends in a relaxed atmosphere. With the busy schedules we all have, an event like this is a great way for us to spend time just visiting with each other. Thank you to all our clients and their friends who attended this event. Our goal is to provide you all with opportunities to learn about us and our services while enjoying some fun along the way.