Social Security

In 2013, over 58 million Americans received Social Security benefits to help supplement their income. For many retirees, Social Security benefits play a critical role in the success of their financial plan. It is a guaranteed source of income during retirement that will not fluctuate based on the markets. It also offers inflation protection which allows your benefits to be adjusted annually if inflation exists.

Social Security is just one part of a complete financial plan and at Financial Celebrations we understand the importance of Social Security for many of our clients.   We will work directly with your Financial Celebrations Financial Advisor to help develop a plan that maximizes your overall portfolio. It is always recommended that you have a Financial Advisor review your complete financial plan before making any decisions on a Social Security strategy as your decisions can have lifelong results.

You can look up your most current benefit information by visiting and creating a username and password.

The account will give you access to your earnings record, your most recent Social Security Statement and various estimated benefit amounts including:

  • Full retirement
  • Early retirement
  • Delayed retirement
  • Disability benefits
  • Survivor benefits and family maximum